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June 14, 2024 5 min read

Nantucket weather is one of the most important things you’ll need to know if you are planning a trip to the stunning island off the East Coast. I mean, if you don’t know the weather, how else do you plan to pack show-stopping outfits for the iconic summer destination? Summer tends to be the best time of year for Nantucket weather, and for good reason. One might argue that out of all the summer months, July boasts the best Nantucket weather, with hot days and mild evenings. The proof is in the pudding as it seems to be the month of the year that gets the most foot-traffic, attracting thousands of visitors each year. But, no matter when in the summer time that you visit Nantucket, it is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s your first visit or if you’re a veteran going to your summer house, nothing beats the beautiful beaches, historic landmarks, and elite atmosphere.

One thing to note about Nantucket is that it has a very preppy, classy, and conservative style. Nantucket weather can sometimes match the colors that people choose to style their clothes with, including lots of blues, grays, whites, and neutrals. Most people are at the beach during the day, making their swimsuit essentially their whole outfit. We decided to do a round-up of our favorite swimsuits that we think would be perfect for your time in Nantucket.


1. The Beach Picnic One Piece Swimsuit

This beautiful baby blue and white gingham pattern modest one piece swimsuit screams “Nantucket”. On the island, you will find this color of blue EVERYWHERE. Staying on theme of Nantucket weather, we love that the color of this swimsuit matches the color of the clear blue sky and crystal clear ocean there. This modest swimsuit is perfect for a Nantucket vacation because while it has a relatively conservative style to match the vibe of the island, it also has a keyhole detail in the chest to keep things spicy and exciting. The cut of the bottoms gives plenty of coverage in the bum for a conservative swimsuit bottom. It has bra pads that can easily be removed and plenty of stretch in the straps, making it easy to customize to the length of your body. Oh yeah, did we mention that the fabric on this modest one piece swimsuit is SO SMOOTH?! On top of that, it is very compressive and molds to your body in the best way possible. You won’t find another swimsuit fabric like this one; it feels just like a cloud! The back of the swimsuit is perfect for tanning your backside because it hits just below the bra line so that you can even out tan lines of other swimsuit tops. We think this modest swimsuit pairs perfectly with a white button-up and white linen shorts. You can wear this one piece swimsuit during the sunshine of the hot summer days on the beach, or throw on a pair of white shorts when it rains and bunker away in your house in it.


2. Midnight Dip One Piece Swimsuit

Next up, we love this classic modest black one piece swimsuit. The gold details on the adjustable straps of this modest swimsuit are just so classy. The black color is timeless as always and the ribbed fabric adds intricacy to what would otherwise be an ordinary black swimsuit. It is fully lined, of course, with removable bra pads too. It has full-coverage in the bum area, which is the perfect conservative swimsuit bottom style to match the old-money vibe of Nantucket. Nantucket weather can bring in some rain every now and then, so we appreciate the black color of this swimsuit to blend in with an overcast day on the beach. 


3. Snow on the Beach Tankini Set

We would be remiss not to introduce you to this angelic white tankini top and white high-waisted swim bottom if you are going to be in Nantucket this summer. This adorable set gives major Meredith Blake vibes. It is a full-coverage swimsuit, as usual, that is classy with its dainty peplum ruffle on the top. This modest swimsuit also has ribbed fabric, gold details on the adjustable straps, and removable bra pads – just like the Midnight Dip one piece swimsuit mentioned earlier. But we love that this pure white color would pair so well with the grays and blues that are found all throughout the island. We can just picture it now - snapping a few pics in front of any of the gray houses with this white colored swimsuit popping in the foreground. We would wear this swimsuit with anything baby blue! Think: sundress, chambray button-up, light blue romper, etc. Let’s stay on the topic of Nantucket weather, though, and note that this white tankini set would match the perfectly puffy, white clouds floating over the ocean. We are daydreaming about it already!


4. Dusty Floral Swimsuit Set - Floral Print High Waisted Bikini

We are saving some of the best for last – this muted retro floral high waisted bikini is the perfect combination of understated and detailed. It is a beautiful blend of soft purples, blues, grays, sage greens, and yellows in a cute, floral pattern. Again, these are conservative swimsuit bottoms, which is just what you’ll want to wear if you are headed to an elite place where country clubs and beach clubs abound. You’ll want to keep in mind that some of these places even have dress codes, so it’s best to dress on the modest side. We love that the top is a midkini, so you can show some skin on your tummy, yet you still have that extra coverage below the bra line.


5. Lemon High-Waisted Modest Bikini Bottoms and Lemon Bandeau Swim Top

We decided to save this best-seller for last. Please meet the lemon high-waisted modest bikini bottomsand lemon bandeau swim top. This modest swimsuit is hard to keep in stock and has sold out numerous times. The adorable fruit print of the lemons is just the perfect pattern for the Nantucket weather on the beach. Nantucket weather can sometimes bring scorching sun during the day and we love that this full-coverage swimsuit makes it easy to stay covered up and not to burn. This is just one of those prints where you are sure to be complimented and asked where you got it from. It has darling tie straps on the swimsuit top, making it easy for you to adjust the top to the exact length you need it to be. The bottoms fit similar to a boy short but somehow cut in just the right place to keep things flattering. You won’t have to worry about slipping out of your swimsuit with this one. Again, this overall modest and conservative style swimsuit is exactly what you need for one of the wealthiest beach destinations in the country. 

In summary, Nantucket is a really special place and it’s important to know how to dress for the Nantucket weather before you go. If you wear any of these 5 swimsuits, then you’re sure to blend in with the style of the locals while also showcase some one-of-a-kind swimsuits. With any of these modest swimsuits, you’ll be prepared there for their hot summer days, rainy afternoons, and cool evening walks along the shoreline.

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