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Old Money Aesthetic – 3 Best Swimsuits To Embody The Style

June 19, 2024 5 min read

Old money aesthetic seems to have taken our world by storm recently and maybe you’ve heard that phrase before or maybe you haven’t. Well, if you’re new to “old money aesthetic” or just want a better understanding of what it means, I can tell you the first time I heard it was on Tik Tok within the last couple years. Whether you’re already familiar with what it is and want to channel it more in your everyday style, or if you are just curious to hear about what all the hype is about, then read on as we dissect tell-tale signs of the old money aesthetic.

It’s important to briefly differentiate old money from new money before we get into what the aesthetic of old money looks like. With old money, there is usually generational wealth and privilege involved. On a larger scale, it’s probably a 20-something who has a trust fund. On a smaller scale, it can be someone who grew up in the upper middle class, attended private schools, and got a good job after graduate school...but they totally still have student loans! Old money aesthetic consists of country clubs, proper dinner parties, and clean houses. Someone with old money grew up having lots of opportunity and connections. On the other hand, new money would be someone who had to work a little harder for their wealth or stumbled into it. They don’t have as many people in their networking circle with a lot of money. Money is “new” to them. They didn’t grow up with it in their family, and their friends probably didn’t have a ton of disposable income either. Now that we have a summarized idea of those two things, let’s get into what old money actually looks like.

In terms of fashion and style, the old money aesthetic tends to be very modest. It is not showy or flashy. People with old money don’t necessarily want everyone to know that they have money (usually because that means that people will start expecting them to pay for things) and this translates into what they wear, too. With old money style, think: understated and elegant. Old money aesthetic would be brands that you haven’t even heard of because it’s from a small but expensive boutique in the south of France. Old money aesthetic does not follow trends but is always classy. 

When you’re someone who has old money, usually that means you’re going on a sweet beach vacation during the winter or out to the Hamptons for the summer at your second home. When it comes to beach attire, someone with old money can be found wearing a modest swimsuit which is always in good taste. Oftentimes, that looks like a one piece swimsuit or tankini – usually any full-coverage swimsuit. Again, their style is not flashy and that goes for how they choose to show off their bodies, too. They don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone. So, without further ado, here is our review of our very own top 3 swimsuits we think perfectly encapsulate the old money aesthetic:


1. Midnight Dip Swimsuit

This modest black one piece swimsuit couldn’t be more spot-on for the old money aesthetic. First of all, the color is black, which is always timeless and classy. While other brighter colors or patterns may go out of style, the color black (in particular on this swimsuit style) will last many years without looking outdated. Since someone with old money would be investing in pieces rather than throwing money away at fleeting trends, we think this swimsuit makes a perfect match for the vibe. In addition to the rich black color, let’s mention the shape of this swimsuit. It has a conservative swimsuit bottom in the lower half of the one piece swimsuit. The generous coverage carries up into the rest of the swimsuit as well. Old money style pays attention to details. That’s another reason why this Midnight Dip swimsuit would fit the aesthetic perfectly with the intricacy of the ribbed texture. Speaking of details, let’s talk about the expensive gold hardware on the adjustable straps of this black one piece swimsuit. It’s subtle yet noticeable if you’re looking for it. But old money style isn’t all about how they are perceived by others; it’s about making them feel comfortable and finding good-fitting clothing for themselves because they want to feel good about themselves. That’s why the fully-lined, compressive inner shaping with removable bra pads of this swimsuit SCREAMS old money aesthetic.


2. Beach Picnic One Piece Swimsuit

Staying on the topic of one piece swimsuits, we think this modest one piece swimsuit would fit the old money style flawlessly. It has a hint of preppy style with its adorable baby blue and white gingham pattern – I mean, can’t you just picture this swimsuit at a country club or on the Amalfi coast? It is a modest swimsuit with conservative swimsuit bottoms on the lower half of it, making it cute and flirty, yet mature. But it’s not just a boring modest one piece swimsuit. In addition to the fun pattern, it has a keyhole detail to subtly show some chest area. Again, with the old money style quality of clothing – this fabric is so incredibly soft and hugs in all the right places, giving the perfect hourglass shape. It is fully-lined and has removable bra pads as well. We think this would make an excellent option if you’re looking for a modest swimsuit that fits the old money aesthetic!


3. Snow on the Beach Tankini

We are switching things up from the one piece swimsuits mentioned above, and had to throw in this angelic white tankini top and white high-waisted swim bottoms. The gold details on the adjustable straps, the ribbed texture of the fabric, and the flouncy ruffle of the peplum top are just a few of the reasons why this is a best-seller to fit the old money aesthetic. It has a stellar fit with the same compressive shape, full-lining, and removable bra pads as the Midnight Dip swimsuit and Beach Picnic swimsuit. The conservative swimsuit bottoms, with full-coverage in the bum area and high-waist that rests at the belly button, are classy and feminine. We think the high-quality material makes this swimsuit really stand out. The peplum swimsuit top gives a beautiful and flattering hourglass shape to really accentuate the waist. On top of that, you really can’t go wrong with the color white if you’re trying to nail the old money aesthetic!

To wrap things up here, we think these 3 swimsuits totally give off old money vibes because they are modest swimsuits with class, elegance, simplicity, and detail. If you want to check out some other ideas for modest swimwear that fits the old money aesthetic, then be sure to click here and take a look for yourself. Since old money doesn’t typically buy from mainstream stores, we hope you can purchase anything you like while it’s still available – there are only a limited number of each style and size in stock and we wouldn’t want you to miss it! Good luck rocking your old money aesthetic, you’re going to do great  :)

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