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about us

What's Ahead:

My hope right now is simply just to make more consistent sales. I would love to look back on a year, or even a month, and be able to see tangible growth through sales, and even more importantly, customer satisfaction. They say that "the day you plant the seed is not the day you pick the fruit", and I am hoping to reap the harvest of some of these seeds I feel like I have been nurturing for months. An even bigger dream, perhaps in the more distant future, would be to see some of my designs in an actual brick and mortar store through wholesale. Perhaps an even loftier dream would be to host a fashion show some day. Lastly, with the help and support of you, I plan to create more options to choose from.


I just want to say thank you! If you're here, then I believe it's because you too have wanted to feel beautiful in a swimsuit. If anything I have said has resonated with you, then it would mean so much to keep The Pilgrim Way in mind when looking for a swimsuit, or to share with a friend. 

Peace, Alanna