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June 10, 2024 6 min read

Covenant Harbor - Top 3 Modest Swimsuits To Buy For Summer Camp

As a young woman growing up, I found it personally so hard to find a cute modest swimsuit for the summer time that I was comfortable wearing on retreats with my family, to Bible camp in middle school at Covenant Harbor, and on mission trips in college. If you are involved at all in religious circles, then you certainly know first-hand that there is usually a dress code that is provided when it comes to modest swimwear, or if it’s not stated, then there is an unspoken dress code rule that young women are expected to follow. Oftentimes, this is due to the presence of religious leaders or out of respect for one another.

Searching for a modest swimsuit could be a dreadful process, though, since there were not a ton of cute modest swimwear options in the brick and mortar stores (lots of ugly prints and unflattering styles when I was searching for them 15-20 years ago) and there was not anywhere near as large of a selection online as there is now. Thankfully, we have come a long way since the time I was on the hunt for them back in the day as there are several options out there now that will most likely follow any rules set forth by a faith-based experience (just be sure to always double check with your leader or an official representative of your camp to make sure it fits any guidelines before buying one for yourself!)

We have created a guide below to help you in your search for a modest swimsuit at summer camp and below are some modest swimsuits I know I would have had my eye on if I was going back in time and searching for a modest swimsuit for my treasured time at Covenant Harbor:


1. Midnight Dip - Modest Black One Piece Swimsuit

We are coming in HOT with this classic black beauty as our first option, and for good reason. The cut of this modest black one piece swimsuit is everything that you would hope for in a one piece swimsuit. It is full-coverage in the backside (a rarity these days) and sits just below the hips in an adorable length in the front. To spice things up a little bit, this modest black one piece swimsuit has ribbed fabric that compresses you, so it is sure to snatch you in all the right places (we’re looking at you, tummy and waist). While this black one piece swimsuit would most likely be considered modest and pass guidelines for summer camps, it is somehow perfectly mysterious with a flavor of sexiness as well. The whole point of our brand here at “by Alanna” is creating excitement for you to actually want to wear your swimsuit and we think this combination of elegance with sexiness will do just that. A couple other added features of this modest one-piece swimsuit in black is it’s gold details on the ADJUSTABLE straps. We love that you are able to customize the swimsuit to the exact length you need. Just like all of our other swimsuits, it is fully lined, too, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming see-through once you get in the water. Of course, it has removable bra pads as well, which is another feature all of our swimsuits have (it’s hard to believe that some other swimsuits brands don’t have this as a given). With this modest swimsuit, it gives you all the freedom you need to jump off the dock at Covenant Harbor into Lake Geneva with not a care in the world. 


2. Snow on the Beach Tankini – White High-Waisted Swim Bottoms and White Tankini Top

Next up is one of our newer swimsuits that has quickly become one of our best-selling swimsuits and we are loving that other people are as excited about this swimsuit as we are! This white tankini top and white high-waisted swim bottoms has been named “Snow on the Beach” because of how graceful and pure she is (oh yeah, we also may have been inspired by a certain pop star’s hit song, too). From the cut of the high-waisted swim bottoms that give a generous covering in the backside without leaving any excess fabric, we’re happy to introduce another swimsuit bottom that keeps both of your cheeks covered and in place. The white tankini top is just as fantastic as the white high-waisted swim bottoms. The top gives excellent coverage in the chest area and has compressive fabric (just like it’s matching bottoms and the Midnight Dip swimsuit mentioned earlier) so things are sure to stay in place for you. This swimsuit also has gold details in its adjustable straps which really takes it to the next level and makes it look like an expensive swimsuit (good thing we like to keep our swimsuits at affordable prices and offer special discount codes for our readers). Similar to the Midnight Dip swimsuit, it has ribbed fabric to add some interest to an otherwise plain color. The nice thing about this white tankini is that it doesn’t show any mid section, so it truly is a tankini and keeps your stomach covered. Tankinis are always nice, too, because we all know the struggles that come with going to the bathroom in a one-piece swimsuit, though we are biased to say our Midnight Dip modest one-piece swimsuit in black is pretty dang easy to get in and out of. Lastly, this white tankini is fully lined, as it should be, given its light color, so there is no need to worry about any mishaps happening with this one. It is definitely secure enough to withstand the rigorous banana boating adventures at Covenant Harbor – oh to relive those great memories!


3. Dusty Floral Midkini – Dusty Floral High-Waist Swim Bottom and Dusty Floral Swim Top

We are going to bring this guide home with another one of our favorites: the floral midkini - a floral high waist bikini bottom with its matching floral bandeau swim top, which gives just a little extra coverage in the mid section than a normal bandeau top. The thing we rave about the most with this modest swimsuit is its muted color scheme. We LOVE the colors! That’s why we named it the Dusty Floral Swim Top and Dusty Floral High-Waist Swim Bottom - it is understated and soft. It has pale blues with lavender, and baby yellow with sage green. All of the colors blended together truly is a beauty to look at and really make a summer tan pop. We also love the bottoms on this one. Similar to most of our other swimsuits, the bottoms hit almost like a boy short, so it’s super nice not having to worry about there being any accidents of popping out of your swimsuit with this one. The top is great because it shows a little more skin in the midsection than a tankini if you are wanting something that resembles something more of a two-piece bikini. As always, both the top and bottom are fully lined and the top has removable bra pads. We think this would look great with a cream-colored oversized button-up dress and some platform sandals. It will make the perfect swimsuit for tubing or playing Marco Polo at Covenant Harbor, since it keeps everything in place and secure. 

And that concludes our short-version list of the modest swimsuits I would have chosen if I were to go back in time and have to shop for a modest swimsuit before going to summer camp at Covenant Harbor. As a heads up, we do have a handful of other modest swimwear options in stock, too, so if these 3 don’t peak your interest, don’t worry! You can check the others out here. We do just want to say that since we are still a small business that is continuing to grow, we only keep a limited number of swimsuits and sizes available right now. So if you see something you like or in your size, be sure to grab it while you can! We wouldn’t want you to miss out on finding the swimsuit of your dreams. Lastly, we know how hard it can be to not only find a swimsuit you love, but also to find one that you can afford. That’s why we are offering a special discount code for you specifically as a reader. Just use: COVENANTHARBOR25 at checkout for 25% off your entire order for a limited time only when you use that code. Happy Summer and Enjoy!

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