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June 06, 2024 4 min read

Conservative Swimsuit Bottoms – Top 5 Of The Summer

Conservative swimsuit bottoms are some of the most difficult articles of clothing to find this time of year as the summer heat sweeps across our country. The style is most desired for a range of reasons, including having the freedom 1.) to play sports at the pool, 2.) to take care of little ones, 3.) to be at a place with a certain dress code like a country club or retreat center, and so on. Here at “by Alanna”, we have experienced the disappointment of going to a brick and mortar store to find conservative swimsuit bottoms. That is one of the reasons why we created our own brand with that exact item. 

Conservative swimsuit bottoms may be subjective to some, however, I think we can all agree that conservative swimsuit bottoms most likely are a high-waisted swimsuit bottom with full-coverage in the back. The problem when trying to find conservative swimsuit bottoms in a store is that oftentimes the bottoms are more cheeky and low-rise than what we are wanting. Or if youarelucky enough to find a style that is more conservative, then the print is usually extremely outdated or the matching top is unflattering. We here at “by Alanna” are a company that sells swimsuits which were designedbya woman, andforwomen. That’s why we knew we needed a good stock of conservative swimsuit bottoms on our roster when going through the design process

Here you will find a round-up of our best-selling conservative swimsuit bottoms for your browsing:

1.) The Lemon High-Waisted Modest Bikini Bottoms

    This is our best-selling swimsuitoverall and for good reason! The print is just too cute with the adorable fruit design. Unlike some swimsuits where the print looks cheap and tacky, the colors in this swimsuit are rich and detailed. The bottoms are the perfect cut - sitting right at the belly button and coming down into almost a boy short in the front. And the best part of it all is the generous covering in the backside. With so many other swimsuits becoming more and more cheeky, we are excited to say that the back of these swimsuit bottoms are full-coverage, making you feel as comfortable as possible to do whatever it is that you want to do while enjoying that sunshine.

    2.) Floral High Waist Bikini Bottom

    A close second-place to the Lemon High-Waisted Modest Bikini Bottoms is the Floral High Waist Bikini Bottom. It is cut the exact same way as the lemon print and boasts the same positive qualities as it as well. In contrast to the lemon high-waisted modest bikini bottoms, these swimsuit bottoms have a beautiful, blended floral design. Again, one of the main critiques that we had when shopping for swimsuits at other stores was the oftentimes cheesy print. This floral design is anything but that. It is detailed and well-thought-out. We have a hard time keeping this one in stock and will oftentimes receive messages online asking for when they will be restocked. Check them out and be sure to snag them while you can!


    3.) Dusty Floral High-Waist Swim Bottom

    The Dusty Floral High-Waist Swim Bottom was so fun to create. We loved combining the muted colors for an elegant and understated look. Baby blue and lavender are such an underrated color combo. These bottoms are great because they also sit almost like a boy short. All of our swimsuits have a limited number in stock, so be sure to grab these while they're still available.


    4.) Sea Foam Green Ribbed High-Waisted Swim Bottom

    We also really love this sea foam green ribbed high-waisted swim bottom. This fabric is oh-so-soft and we love the muteness of the color. Since these swimsuit bottoms are a solid color, we were excited to add the ribbed fabric to make things a little more interesting. They fit a little more loose which is another reason why we love them – they’re so comfortable and almost make you feel like you’re not wearing anything. Again, they have a forgiving cut, sitting right around the belly button and giving some stretch in the backside so that your entire bum is covered. The fabric on this one is also really breathable and light, which we love, too!


    5.) White High-Waisted Swim Bottoms - Snow on the Beach

    We named these white high-waisted swim bottoms as the “Snow on the Beach” bottoms because they are as majestic as they sound. These bottoms are also a ribbed fabric, just like the sea foam green ones mentioned above. Again, the ribbed fabric is the perfect touch to add to a solid color to make it just a little more special. The white color is great because you can easily mix and match these bottoms with your own bikini top, or of course it pairs perfectly with our own white tankini top that matches it. When we first started designing swimsuits, one of our customers had recommended that we come up with a white swimsuit as they were wanting one for their bachelorette party. We are so excited to have these swimsuit bottoms in the line-up as an option for upcoming brides, or for anyone else who just wants their summer tan to pop!

    And there you have it, that is our curated list of the best conservative swimsuit bottoms for the summer. I know we may be a bit biased but they really are the best (did we forget to mention that all of them are fully lined, too?). And to wrap things up, we have to mention that one last  reason why they rock is because while many other brands have an extremely high mark-up of their conservative swimsuit bottoms (making it actually impossible to buy), we like to keep ours at an affordable price. To make things even sweeter, we’d like to offer you a special discount if you make a purchase of any of our modest swimsuits, including our conservative swimsuit bottoms, from this article. Just use code: SPECIAL25 for 25% at checkout and you’re all set! Be sure to shop while you can as we have a limited stock of each style, we wouldn’t want you to miss out. Happy shopping :)

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