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Best Modest Black One Piece Swimsuit

June 25, 2024 5 min read

Summer is just getting started here in the Midwest and it has been one of the hottest ones I’ve experienced yet, with mid-90’s temperatures already in early June. But don’t get us wrong, while some people might not tolerate the extreme temperatures, we’re not complaining about it - we love that summer heat! However, in order to properly survive the heat, you really need to find a good watering hole – whatever that looks like for you. Maybe you have an outdoor pool or maybe you have a friend who has one. If you don’t, thankfully for us here, we live in the great Midwest, where lakes on lakes abound. In the Chicago area alone, where we are from, there is Lake Michigan which touches 4 of our main Midwest states – Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and of course Michigan. There are plenty of areas with easy access to Lake Michigan in all of these states. Typically, the water remains pretty cool in the summer, too, which is great for when we have those high-temperature summers. If you’re not living in the Midwest near the lakes, then hopefully you can find a public pool or maybe you even live near the ocean on one of the coasts (we might be a little jealous if that happens to be you!).

With a summer like the one we’re currently experiencing, there is an inevitable need to take a dip in some kind of cold water as we have established. And with that, of course, comes the need to be in a swimsuit. Swimsuits are up there with a pair of jeans, in terms of how hard it is to find a cute and good-fitting pair that you actually love and are excited about. We here at “by Alanna” are excited to have several modest swimwear with full-coverage, high-waisted bikinis, and one piece swimsuits in stock. From a retro floral high waisted bikini, to a preppy one piece swimsuit, to our current feature of a modest black one piece swimsuit, we have something for everyone!

Speaking of that modest black one piece swimsuit, we want to introduce you to our very own Midnight Dip swimsuit. When we were creating the styles that you see in our swimsuit collection, we just knew we had to have a simple and classy swimsuit that is timeless. The rich black color on this modest one piece swimsuit is the perfect neutral for you to wear on any occasion: with your husband’s family, on your honeymoon in Europe, to a summer camp or retreat, or at the country club. 

This modest black one piece swimsuit is somehow understated, yet full of intricacy and detail. Just take a look at the ribbed texture of the fabric! We love that the fabric is super compressive and holds you well while somehow still being comfortable. The key to this swimsuit is it has a smooth black lining on the inside that keeps everything in place and adds another layer of protection. There are slits on the inside of the bra area so that you can remove the padding that is added to the swimsuit as a bonus (seriously, we can’t believe that some modest swimwear brands don’t include their own padding!). We love that it has this feature because while some people want some extra padding in the chest area, others are more comfortable without bra padding, so we knew we wanted to make this section in particular as customizable as possible. 

Okay, and then speaking of customization, that brings us to the spaghetti straps on this modest black one piece swimsuit, which are the perfect width to even out tan lines from a different swimsuit and won’t leave you with a thick tan line on your shoulders. But what is really great about the straps is that they are ADJUSTABLE, meaning you can lengthen or shorten them to your exact need (perfect if you have a long torso or short torso and struggle to find swimsuits that fit your length). On top of that, the strap adjuster is gold, making the swimsuit look super expensive. Thankfully for this modest black one piece swimsuit, it has the same high-quality material and features as an expensive swimsuit but at a fraction of the cost making it the perfect affordable modest swimwear.

Now that we’ve covered a few of the exciting features of this modest black one piece swimsuit, what really makes this one a killer is simply that it is full-coverage (no, we aren’t trying to floss between your cheeks like so many other swimsuits these days). This darling cut of a swimsuit gives ample coverage in the behind, comes up just above mid-back, has good chest coverage, and sits right below the hips in front. All of these things make this modest black one piece swimsuit easy to throw on at the last minute and not have to worry about anything. Our customers wear this to summer camp, on a retreat, on their spring break mission trip, on an evening boat ride looking over the city, to the country club, and to the beach. Since it’s so versatile, we see younger ones wearing this with their friends, as well as young moms trying to chase after their toddlers, and more mature women wearing this at their beach club. You can compare it to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in that sense: it just looks good on everyone and seems to fit magically and is perfect for any occasion. 

We think this modest black one piece swimsuit would pair well with a bright and colorful chiffon scarf tied around the waist – think: magenta, peach, bright orange, etc. The great thing about the color black is that you can really accessorize it and fill it with any color you want, just like a blank canvas! It would also look great with small oval-shaped sunglasses and some platform sandals. Put all of that together and you will be all set to march up to that concession stand and get yourself an italian ice. 

While we may be a bit biased, we truly believe that the Midnight Dip Swimsuit is the best modest black one piece swimsuit on the market for many reasons, and we only listed a few of the reasons in this post. If you want some other modest swimwear options, feel free to check out some of our other best-selling swimsuits here. Just be sure to grab one while you can if you find one you’re interested in. As a rapidly growing small business, it can be hard to keep up with the demand of customers as we constantly receive messages from visitors to our website about wanting to be notified when a swimsuit style or size is restocked.  And since you made it this far in the article, feel free to use code: SPECIAL25 at checkout for 25% off your order for a limited time only. Happy Summer and Happy Shopping!

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