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Summer Capsule Wardrobe: Modest Swimsuit Edition

June 27, 2024 6 min read

A Summer Capsule Wardrobe is an important part of any girl’s closet. But before we can explain why it’s important, we first need to understand - what exactly is a summer capsule wardrobe, anyway? Well, let’s start with the meaning of a capsule wardrobe first before we start getting into what a summer capsule wardrobe is. A capsule wardrobe can be defined as an all-inclusive closet full of clothing that is ready for any occasion – from a casual day out running errands, to a black tie event. Typically, it includes items that are classy and timeless and don’t necessarily follow trends. It’s called a capsule wardrobe because it withstands the test of time in the sense that the items don’t usually go out of style. In addition, the clothing is usually high-quality and expensive (but don’t worry, it doesn’t always mean that you need to pay a fortune to have them). We’d also argue that a capsule wardrobe includes many basics, such as items you wear everyday but that can easily transition into a more dressy occasion with some accessories. You might also notice that a capsule wardrobe tends to have a lot of neutral colors in it. Many of the items in a capsule wardrobe may be described as understated and elegant. 

Now that we have an idea of what a capsule wardrobe is, let’s try to understand what asummercapsule wardrobe is. As you might guess, a summer capsule wardrobe is a capsule wardrobe, except it has all of the items you need specifically for the summer season. It’s going to include many more lightweight options than your normal capsule wardrobe, since summers tend to be hot here in the U.S. In a summer capsule wardrobe, you will probably find linen white button-up shirts, a trusty pair of jean shorts, a cute sundress, and a neutral pair of sandals. But what about when it’s time to wear a swimsuit? What kind of swimsuits would a summer capsule wardrobe have? For many, swimsuits are a part of the everyday uniform in the summertime, rotating a new one for each day of the week. Your swimsuit essentially becomes your whole outfit when you’re spending a day in the sun, so it makes sense there should be a summer capsule wardrobe, just for swimsuits and why there should be a few to choose from. It’s always nice to switch things up from time to time! We know that capsule wardrobes tend to be a modest and classy style, so it only makes sense that the swimsuits would be the same. That’s why we decided to round up our top 5 modest swimsuits that you would find in a summer capsule wardrobe. 


1. Sea Foam Green Swim Top and Sea Foam Green High-Waisted Swim Bottom

Starting off strong with this gorgeous sea foam green ribbed swim topand matching sea foam green ribbed high-waisted bottom, we love this gorgeous set together! On the lower half, we have the conservative swimsuit bottoms that sit right above the belly button. We love this full-coverage look always but it’s especially nice in contrast to the bra-like bikini top. This set together is somehow both sexy and modest. We also love that you can get your chest and part of your stomach tan when wearing this, but you still have a full brief on bottom to keep you bum covered, giving you all the freedom you need to move around. This modest swimsuit easily fits into the summer capsule wardrobe category because it has a classy cut to it. The sea foam green color is also a great neutral that can be mixed and matched and it’s just bonus points that the muted color really makes a summer tan pop! The fabric is super soft and lightweight, making it extremely comfortable to wear. We can already picture this swimsuit paired with a breezy white linen shirt dress at a resort in Mexico. 


2. Midnight Dip Swimsuit

Next up, we just have to mention this modest black one piece swimsuit. Seriously though, if any of the swimsuits on this list embodies the summer capsule wardrobe the most, it would probably be this one. First of all, the color black never goes out of style and isn’t loud at all - meaning you can wear it over and over and over, and you still won’t get tired of it. We all know that capsule wardrobes tend to have expensive pieces in the closet. Well, this swimsuit is great because thanks to the gold details on the adjustable straps, it looks super expensive but is somehow still at an affordable price. Those summer capsule wardrobes totally have high-quality pieces, too, and let me tell you, you’re going to find that in this modest one piece swimsuit here. The fabric is very durable and it comes fully lined with removable bra pads. It’s all in the details, though, because we love the ribbed texture on this modest swimsuit to really snatch your waist. This one piece swimsuit seriously pairs well with any cover-up, but we love in particular how easily you can accessorize it with fun earrings and a bright patterned cover-up (picture: magenta and peach). We envision this swimsuit in particular somewhere on the French riviera.


3. Beach Picnic One Piece Swimsuit

Summer capsule wardrobes don’t always have to be neutral colors, though. It’s totally OK to throw in some fun patterns here and there; you just have to know what you’re doing! That’s why we love this preppy one piece swimsuit. It has an adorable blue and white gingham pattern on top of the buttery soft fabric. This swimsuit will hold you and shape you. We love the darling knot in the chest area with the keyhole detail to keep things interesting. The full-coverage swimsuit bottoms, along with the cute pattern, makes this modest swimsuit a serious contender in our summer capsule wardrobe list. We can picture this one with some chic white silk flare pants on Nantucket island. The baby blue also really enhances a summer tan, which we love!


4. Snow on the Beach Tankini

Another solid color is coming in hot for this summer capsule wardrobe list! This white tankini top and white high-waisted swim bottoms were named Snow on the Beach for a reason – because this set is as majestic as the name sounds. This modest swimsuit is perfect for a summer capsule wardrobe because of: its neutral color, timeless cut, and durable fabric. Speaking of fabric, we have the same ribbed texture on this white tankini as the Midnight Dip swimsuit mentioned earlier. This is another swimsuit in our collection that really snatches you, especially with the adorable peplum style that cinches at the waist and hangs down in a perfect ruffle to camouflage the tummy. A summer capsule wardrobe likes those details and you certainly will find that in the gold hardware on the adjustable straps, comfortable inner lining, and removable bra pads. If you have this modest swimsuit in your closet, you’re sure to be on the right track to building your summer capsule wardrobe. We picture this white tankini at the pool of your country club.


5. Dusty Floral Modest Midkini

Lastly, staying on the topic of neturals, we love the colors in this retro floral high waisted bikini bottom and modest swimsuit top. We have some grays, blues, purples, greens, and yellows all in here. It’s the perfect palette of both neutrals and color, since all of the colors are muted and dusty. The neutrality in the colors of the swimsuit are one of the reasons that makes this modest bikini a great staple for a summer capsule wardrobe. On top of the stunning colors, it has conservative swimsuit bottoms with full-coverage in the behind and sits right around the belly button. The top is great too because it’s a little bit shorter than your typical tankini, but a little bit longer than a typical bandeau – making it the best length. We also love the full-lining and removable bra pads, adding that extra quality to an already beautiful swimsuit. This modest swimsuit surely will be a great addition to round out a summer capsule wardrobe. 

In summary, it’s simple to fill your dresser with modest swimsuit staples for your summer capsule wardrobe if you look for: high-quality, neutral, classy and modest swimsuits. And if any of the ones mentioned in this article peak your fancy, we’d love to give you an exclusive special discount code of: SPECIAL25 for 25% off your entire order at checkout for a limited time only. And if you want to see some other great examples of modest swimsuits that would be perfect for a summer capsule wardrobe, feel free to check out some others here. Just be sure to snag them while you can since we have limited inventory as a growing small business with no guarantee of restock – we wouldn’t want you to miss it :)

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