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Top 4 Sofia Richie Style Inspired Swimsuits

June 24, 2024 4 min read

Top 4 Sofia Richie Style Inspired Swimsuits

Sofia Richie seems to be the new fashion icon on the block as of the last year or two. She has gained popularity recently around the time of her wedding as she took to social media to share the extravagance of it all, leaving several intrigued by the expense and wealth of the ceremony. Thanks to the virality of Tik Tok, many have been introduced to her. However, Sofia Richie has been adjacent to the spotlight for quite a bit of time before her recent newfound fame. She is known to have dated Scott Disick, who is the baby daddy of Kourtney Kardashian’s kids. Sofia Richie is also the daughter of musician Lionel Richie and sister of Nicole Richie, who of course was the co-star to Paris Hilton in the early 2000’s hit show The Simple Life. 

In a nutshell, people have fallen in love with Sofia Richie’s style. Sofia Richie style can be summarized as expensive, classy, modest, mature, preppy, and elegant. She has the old money aesthetic down pat. And honestly, it isn’t even an aesthetic for her; it’s just her way of life. Sofia Richie style also tends to wear a lot of neutral colors, specifically white, cream, and black. Sofia Richie style is simple but definitely not boring as there is great detail and high-quality in the clothing she wears. With summer being in full swing here, we decided to share a fun list of swimsuits that easily fit into the Sofia Richie style. Drumroll, please, as we present our first one:

1. The Snow on the Beach Tankini

We knew that this white tankini topand white high-waisted swim bottoms had to be at the top of the list for the Sofia Richie style inspired swimsuits. This tankini is a conservative swimsuit style with full-coverage in the bum area and high-waisted swimsuit bottoms. The modest swimsuit bottoms have a matching peplum swimsuit top with an adorable ruffle to keep the tummy covered. Some other features we adore about this modest tankini are the gold details on the adjustable straps, removable bra padding, and ribbed fabric that compresses you to make you look and feel your absolute best! This modest swimsuit is the Sofia Richie style because of: its simplicity in the color, its class of the silhouette, detail in the ribbed texture of the fabric, and expensiveness of the gold hardware. We think this modest swimsuit is absolutely something Sofia Richie herself would be wearing this summer. We can just picture her wearing this on the Amalfi Coast with a silk headscarf and cat-eyed sunglasses. 


2. Midnight Dip Swimsuit

Of course we will have to share this modest black one piece swimsuit – an absolute classic! Sofia Richie style does the old money style well, meaning things are pretty understated. This modest swimsuit has the same full-coverage with conservative swimsuit bottoms in the lower half of the one piece swimsuit as the Snow on the Beach tankini mentioned above. There are gold details again on the adjustable straps, removable bra padding, and ribbed texture. You really can’t go wrong with this swimsuit. We love comparing this one piece swimsuit to a little black dress. It won’t ever go out of style and it’s one of those swimsuits you can throw on, no matter what the occasion is. Since Sofia Richie style absolutely invests in her clothing, we think she would definitely be investing in this one too. It is absolutely a rich-looking swimsuit, but thankfully it’s at an affordable price, plus it has a special discount of SUNSHINE10. Can’t you just picture her sporting this modest swimsuit at some chic hotel in Palm Springs.


3. Dusty Floral Modest Bikini 

This retro floral high waisted bikini is exactly something Sofia Richie would go for. It has all muted colors, making it an understated floral print. The conservative swimsuit bottoms are modest, yet somehow still perfectly feminine even though they resemble a cute boy short swimsuit. We love that this midkini has excellent coverage – one of the trademarks of Sofia Richie style. The dainty flowers on the fabric are precious. Sofia Richie would totally be seen in this, lounging at a beach club.


4. Beach Picnic One Piece Swimsuit

Our last Sofia Richie style inspired swimsuit might be controversial to some, but we totally think this modest one piece swimsuitis one that Sofia Richie would love. The blue and white gingham pattern adds a little bit of preppy style, along with the adorable knot with keyhole detail in the chest area. It is a conservative swimsuit but also fun and playful. The fabric is next-level with its softness and its ability to shape you. It gives that perfect hourglass figure and is just too cute. We love the dip in the back of this swimsuit because it’s perfect for evening out tan lines on the bra line. It has removable bra pads and compressive fabric. The light colors really make a summer tan pop! This swimsuit is of the Sofia Richie style because of its femininity with a taste of spiciness. We can picture this swimsuit specifically at an upscale country club because it is a modest swimsuit with full-coverage, but its also classy and on trend. To further channel your Sofia Richie style with this modest swimsuit, we would pair this with white silk flare pants and a wide-brimmed sun hat. 

To wrap things up, Sofia Richie style is timeless, modest, classy, preppy, and understated. If you want some other ideas for Sofia Richie style in terms of swimsuits, be sure to check out some of our other favorites here. We love Sofia Richie because she has become a fascinating style icon. But it’s important to remember that while style can take you far, it’s also about channeling an inner confidence and self-worth because that is what really radiates from Sofia Richie and any other person you might admire. The style is just the gravy to reflect what’s already shining from the inside :)

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