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October 10, 2023 2 min read

Preparing for a vacation that includes water activities likely means shopping for new swimsuits. Maybe your previously purchased swimsuits no longer fit as they should, or they’ve been faded by the sun or chlorine. Or perhaps you just want new swimsuits that will be better suited for the vacation activities you have planned. No matter what the case may be, by Alanna has the perfect swimsuit options for your upcoming vacation that will allow you to enjoy water activities, while still looking great!

Our Top-Selling White Tankini

One of the most popular swimsuits on our website is our white tankini, which we call our “Snow on the Beach Tankini.”

Our version of the classic white tankiniis feminine and flirty, featuring a peplum detail on top, which makes it flattering on just about any body type. The high-waisted bottoms provide great coverage and help you to feel comfortable and confident, no matter what you’re doing.

The high-quality fabric used in our white tankini means you don’t have to worry about your swimsuit becoming see-through when it gets wet (unlike many of the cheap white swimsuits on the market). So, you can go for a swim, kayak, or parasail without a second thought about how your swimsuit will perform. The sturdy fabric also helps hold you in and accentuate your natural shape, and the ribbing gives it some added style.

Once you’re done with your water activities, throw on some cute shorts, and you’re ready to go into town for food, drinks, or some shopping. You won’t look like you’re wearing a swimsuit top, but rather, like you’re wearing a stylish ribbed tank top.

The top and bottom of our white tankini are sold separately, allowing you to customize your fit.

A Modest Bikini That’s Ready for Adventure

Maybe a tankini isn’t your thing, and instead, you’re looking for a bikini that’s flattering, comfortable, and also modest. You want to show some skin and get a good tan, but still feel comfortable while enjoying a wide range of activities.

We have the perfect modest bikinifor you! It’s our sea foam green bikini, featuring high-waisted bottoms and a flattering bikini top that provides amazing support! Like our white tankini, our sea foam bikini is made from a high-quality ribbed swimsuit fabric that looks great in or out of the water, and the two pieces are sold separately so you can choose different sizes, if needed.

If you like to wear a bikini top with shorts, pants, or a wrap, this is the top for you! It provides just the right amount of coverage and is perfectly comfortable for any of your favorite vacation activities, and it will look great with jean shorts, flowy white pants, or a patterned sarong tied around your waist. The sea foam color is perfect for all skin tones.

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